an explanation of why i am mattress hunting in washington, dc

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetguess what. i got into nursing school. 

i could have made a bigger deal out of that and fluffed it up, but aren’t you glad i didn’t? here’s the deets:

WHO: me

WHAT: accelerated nursing school

WHEN: starting august 25

WHERE: marymount university, a private university in arlington, va. I’M GOING TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL YA’LL.

WHY: here’s where we can get nitty and gritty. so i’ve always tossed around the idea of being a nurse in the back of my mind. working with nurses in utah was fun, and all my favorite classes at byu were my sciencey ones that involved the body and things that usually would have made normal people squeamish. i didn’t want to do byu nursing because the program is extremely competitive and i have a fear of rejection (i should probably see someone about that). PLUS i really did love my degree in public health, and i learned a ton. at the end of my junior year, i decided i should probably take all my nursing prerequisites just in case i decided i wanted to do nursing school post-grad. you see, there are a plethora of quick, 18ish month programs around the nation that will give post-grads with a bachelor’s degree a bachelor’s of nursing, too. i tailored all my prerequisites towards fulfilling the requirements of the program at the university of utah, then got righteously slapped in the face to find out that the program would be starting at the same time as my required internship, and i had just taken biochemistry and pathophysiology in the same semester for no reason! LOL live and learn, people.

anyway, i came out to dc with really no intention of applying to any schools out here. i planned on riding out this wave of internship, then planned a job in public health and working for a bit. HOWEVER by week two, i knew the office culture wasn’t for me. call me a millennial, but i felt so unfulfilled. every day i went to work i couldn’t help but think there had to be something more to life than sitting at a computer all day. don’t get me wrong, i have learned SO MUCH by doing this internship, and i like it, but i don’t necessarily think it is ME. so, i did some research on schools in the area, fully expecting all the registration dates to be passed. most were, but then i ran across marymount and applied in two or three days. it was a waiting game for a bit, but last week i found out i was accepted. now i’m headed there, and if all goes well and i survive the gauntlet of courses and clinical, i will be a nurse by december 2015. 

HOW: probably by your prayers. and a lot of babysitting jobs and student loanz 4 dayz.

around this town

here’s the 411 of this grand old week of july. 

we had a party on harvard sam’s roof. harvard sam is just that- a kid named sam that goes to harvard. he’s great. also great? THIS ROOFTOP LOCATION. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presethi, hello this is his rooftop view. bless you, building height restrictions! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preseti hate paying for the bus because generally speaking, i can walk faster than the bus drives in traffic… plus it means i get to leave work earlier for my meetings, which, also a plus. this photo is just a gentle reminder of a perfect day with a BREEZE and only 37% humidity instead of the usual 500%.  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preseti might be on “official business” at the us capitol, but i have a feeling all the cred that comes with that is negated by the fact that i regularly carry a child’s backpack as a purse. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetlast week we signed on a new place! yep! lookie here what a beaut! in full disclosure, we are actually living in that hole basement in the lower righthand corner and one of the bedrooms has no windows, but it is charming and perfect. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetalso this church is around the corner, so i am feeling right at home in all my sins. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preseton fridays we have meetings with various big wigs in washington instead of doing internships. last week we had one at the us treasury where we had to get about a gillion background checks and carry special passes. the ceiling ended up being more interesting to me than the actual speaker, so i spent much of the time gawking upward. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetoutside the treasury. all the columnsProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetdc has a plethora of good restaurants. they are making me broke. i like the ones devoted to salads. dc is probably the healthiest place in the nation, and i laugh every time i see a businessman walking down the street holding one of these salad pods. it is a common occurrence, so i spend most of the day in stitches, as you can expect. double points if they’re wearing a fitbit, too. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetanother gem? THE FOOD TRUCKS! my intern friend and i spend an embarrassing amount of time some days stalking the cookie truck. the chocolate chip! the nutella! the oatmeal raisin! they are all spectacular. one day he was close, so we went after our briefings. this number is an oatmeal raisin topped with coffee ice cream. eaten after my salad lunch, naturally. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presettaken after i probably exclaimed something like, “COOKIE TOAST! LET’S MAKE EVERYONE JEALOUS!”IMG_2393another highlight of my week? picking up my bike. i didn’t write about my accident yet, but to make a long story short, i was riding down this streetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetand it turned into this hill….IMG_2398and i lost control and ended up running into this treeProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetand falling off and blacking out.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetand it completely effed my bike fork. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetexpensive repairs are on the horizon. but in the words of john legend, “… cuz all of me loves all of you, love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”

if you’d like to contribute to the bike fund, venmo me. (jk)

friends that get married

IMG_2471this weekend we went to a wedding in philadelphia. two of my friends from byu married each other. is there anything better than having two people, both of whom you genuinely think are the best, decide to be together forever? nope. actually, finding one of those for yourself would probably be better, but whatever i’ll be happy anyway.

so, um, sorry about getting nothing but crap photos. the best one i took was of a salad, but i think that just goes to show you how great of a time we were having. so, here you have a series of blurry shots that i should have deleted, but couldn’t. YAY

i hung out with these two all weekend. they are great. i’ve never eaten so many french fries in one weekend, but when you’re road tripping with boys you WILL end up going to five guys at 11 am and you don’t say no.IMG_2473westchester, pa is a pretty place. it is a straight forest. the reception was in my friend’s backyard, which is putting it lightly, as she lives on an ESTATE and it was wonderful. she was beautiful, he was dapper, and marshall was a great dj. blake and i broke it down on the dance floor like champs/ provided the comic relief for all the people who were forced to watch us get down. sorry everyone. IMG_2472IMG_2476anyway, i give you mr. and mrs. danny gessel. what a couple. i’m so incandescently happy for the both of you. Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetcan i just say that it has been one helluva summer?     

a few days on a tributary of a tributary of chesapeake bay

nope, that title is not a typo.

last week i went to chesapeake bay with a few friends to work at my friend’s boss’s cabin. IMG_2367the place was right on the water, and had so much east coast charm, i almost wanted to vomit because places like these are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. IMG_2366we spent most of friday working for our keep. i trimmed and hedged bushes, taking all my aggression out on overgrown trees and shrubs while looking like a total badass in high water pants, tall socks, running shoes, and rubber bands to keep the ticks out of my pants, because i am a public health major, and if there is one thing i know, it is that NOBODY GOT TIME FOR LYME DISEASE! IMG_2365the boys shingled a roof. i read my kindle with this view behind me. IMG_2368after a full day’s work, bob took us out on his boat. here we are looking like goobers who definitely don’t know how to tie up a boat to a dock and have no idea what “starboard” means. IMG_2363we tooled around in the water, then docked at a restaurant and ate all the seafood we could muster.IMG_2362 these crab cakes should be renamed CRACK CAKES they were so good. also, bob was such a good sport to take us west coast freaks out. also, he was wearing sperry’s and i felt so privileged to see sperry’s in their natural boat habitat! it was almost a spiritual experience. IMG_2364my favorite time on a lake is either the very early morning when the sun rises, or the golden hour before it sets and the water is all shimmery and dewey and dreamy (i hate it when people say that word. i actually wrote it sarcastically, so please read it that way. THANKS!) also, i took this selfie because i was on a boat, and this is the good side of my face. i’ll tell you about the bad side of my face in my next post and things will make a lot more sense, but take this as photographic evidence that I WAS INDEED ON THAT BOAT WEARING MY CROOKED SUNGLASSES! IMG_2361LIFE ADVICE: when you get old, buy a few houses on chesapeake bay, then make 20-somethings come do slave labor for you. take them out for crab cakes. they’ll think you’re all that and a bag of chips. 


weekday snapshots

hi welcome back!
14210726039_74cb28e8a6_bi found a new way to walk home this week and was automatically happier. i’m a big fan of downtown dc and its big city feel but with a SKYLINE.14210733459_8ac630ef3f_bone day i put my hair in a bun and it was the best bun i’d ever had, so i just had to document it and now it is on the internet for everyone to see.

14210747219_7ce7debe4f_bweekends around here generally involve karaoke at wok n roll. there’s lots of gyrating and sweat.14210766689_4986d936e3_bi found a new-to-me trail near the least smelly portion of the potomac! it is so beautiful and green. also, who wants to join the crew team with me…14210787880_b6b4ec29cf_zanother great perk of working in the nation’s capital is the city’s extreme eye for detail and beautification. walking to work is often an interesting juxtaposition of bums sleeping to my left and workers planting flowers to my right. 14210942697_7ea883f2d7_bafter-work chill session outdoor movie extravaganza14396284154_cba65b9521_boutdoor movie in NoMa. hi bradley, hi rainclouds
14396311454_982cf9b382_bfood truck empanadas! melty cheese heaven i want to live inside14394027871_82c1133b98_bSO HAPPY TO NOT BE UNDER FLUORESCENT LIGHTS AT WORK14397400405_8ac60672bd_bjazz in the garden is one of the simple pleasures of life in dc, here’s a photo of one million 20-somethings gathered around, listening to smooth, sensual saxophones.

14396030012_45086c03d4_b giving directions around here is great because you generally get to say things like “turn left at the national archives” 14396031142_003a86a08e_zhow adorable are these friends? some of the girls and i had this brainchild to take a bunch of snacks to eat at jazz in the garden last weekend, so we loaded up on all the essentials: bread, fruit, three kinds of cheese, crackers, hummus, carrots, nuts, dried fruit, etc to take along with us. we had a trailer trash-esque cheese pairing in which i proceeded to slice apples with a plastic knife and use a bed sheet for a cheeseboard and open everyone’s eyes to the sport of cheese pairing. it was wonderful. 14374275766_6e90a2cb17_bjazz in the garden at the national gallery of art begged baguettes, so i carried this one on the metro like it was my day job (i wish carrying baguettes was a job) 14394044081_b09cf7be55_zon sunday i explored the city until i ran into a park where a serious community jam session was happening complete with bongos, wind instruments, pianos, dancing, hula hooping, and general merry-making. i want to be there every sunday14374286556_bd60f5102e_bthese guys mesmerized me with their dance fight/kicking for a good 20 minutes.
14394030881_f4a8fb6864_btrue or false: it is going to rain in NoMa14394040081_17d2563571_bwe ventured out to potomac, maryland for a bbq on saturday. bbqs are a vegetarian nemesis. don’t be fooled, that was just a hamburger bun with cheese on it and the potato salad was infiltrated with bacon. nevertheless, this was a quintessential summer night

14394041051_988b4702c4_zshowcasing our croquet “talent” seemed pretty east coast
14396017022_092208b484_bthe exact spot where MLK began his speech at the march on washington. chills
14396322344_c9abf7cd59_bsundates: me, my bike, and curb sitting & listening to smooth jazz in adams morgan≈
14397421785_93708e8288_bsriracha wall. this must be what heaven looks like14397421785_93708e8288_z 14417547993_6b77527908_brunning past the ww2. idaho always catches my eye no matter what14417559943_32f19c52e4_zlast weekend this freak thing happened where i went on two dates in one night. this was date intermission, passing through georgetown and laughing because my life is hilarious and weird.
14417567893_2c2bb02cee_bbike night rides past the mlk memorial. there is just something about riding around beneath the glowing lights, parking next to the jefferson memorial, and sitting on the edge of the pond for a good long chat next to that murky abyss below. life lately for me is full of those WOW moments that aren’t especially special in and of themselves, but hint at being important and beg for remembrance. that is why i snap photos; because small events creep away, but those small moments also make up a life.

weekday snapshots

last week i finally bought a bike lock, meaning i can now take night rides freely around the city and use the bike lanes that i think were strictly made for ME

14092700768_38da8c4d43_bif there’s one thing i’ve learned in dc, it is maybe i should be the type of person who checks the weather so i quit getting caught in these crazy rainstorms. whatever this is just a good WORDLESS WEDNESDAY for you.
14299546913_23f8274241_bthursday night found us at “wok n roll” chinatown’s elite karaoke club… it was loads of fun also i am fairly certain it is a brothel at night.14092801247_d0fbf7cf8c_zberry smoothies make mornings better.14278891134_8ddd228478_bsometimes running through georgetown is sort of like a fairytale and other times it smells like fish and garbage
14092797387_0b23b11222_zwaiting for the metro and dressing like a kindergartener in the process. 14276024281_a637829bff_ztuesday selfie game: strong (and embarrassing but these fluorescent lights make me do crazy things)
14277304762_2a63c82239_bi ran to roosevelt island this week. it was cool to run around and island and forget about the city just across the potomac14092761488_4385bd1f89_band teddy’s statue! running and sending snapchats is one of my favorite past times. 
14256249796_d1f850ae00_bpotomac sunsets
14279361365_db0991244e_bgeorgetown in the distance as seem from key bridge
14279402145_67c35be380_bcutting through chinatown on my way to yet another senate meeting
14256240406_0d5db65c90_bwaiting on the train to come14279357905_b5b20b2ee3_b

have a good week, everyone!

memorial day weekend

guys, the heat this weekend was unreal. we took a trip to valley forge and philadelphia for friday and saturday, then celebrated memorial day on sunday and monday. i thought four day weekends were good during college, but they are a whole other animal in the working world (intern world?) basically what i’m saying is these days i live for weekends, and having four days this week was pure and utter decadence.

valley forge was awesome. we pulled up into the sweltering battlefield and surrounding encampments fairly early in the morning and spent the rest of the morning exploring with a tour guide who had the liberty bell tattooed on his ankle. he was all in, let me tell you! pennsylvania is beautiful! the east coast is the greenest, lushest, most spectacular place to travel because anywhere you go, you kind of feel like the foliage could swallow you up if you stayed in the same place for too long.

14279364185_704493b616_bi spent most of the time between our tour stops making flower crowns, like the one modeled by my roommate, below. also, i spent most of the time sneezing and rubbing the crap out of my eyes because ALLERGIES

14279365045_b2978a6046_balso, the bugs love me here. like this caterpillar that materialized on my shirt sleeve on our tour. i played with this little guy for a solid ten minutes14256255026_7d1c711e75_bsome of my friends were set on getting some hats from the gift shop… most of us couldn’t justify the 7 bucks, but the two guys in front proudly paraded their colonial spirit all throughout pennsylvania both days. but seriously don’t we make some attractive enlistees?

14299948883_be7d93b325_zand here’s our group, how cute are we?
10325181_10204041375774168_1319409728996562555_ni did take other photos, but alas, they are on my camera, not iPhone SO stay tuned for more fun and enjoyment with depth of field and other pretension.

next stop, philadelphia! we rolled in right in the morning and went to the constitution museum…. but, plot twist, the real constitution isn’t even inside… so… not too sure what the point of the museum is. HOWEVER they have a sweet exhibit where there are life-size statues of all the attending members of the constitutional congress, so of course we couldn’t resist but snap a few photos.  14093196387_297367e883_z-2

like this one, of me and washington, with alexander hamilton creepin

14092839677_c37ed2bba4_bbetween our tour of liberty hall (not pictured) and our departure, we had free time for a few hours. for some, that meant getting philly cheesesteaks, but for those individuals of a higher caliber, it was vietnamese/thai from a seedy part of chinatown where none of the waiters spoke english so we just pointed at our menus. six dollars for all this shrimp and vegetable goodness! i’ll take it!

14278948174_79064afb41_btaking a moment to ponder with the thinker outside the rodin museum. 14092756478_a6aa62fc3c_bwalking down to the rocky steps with a million staues on the horizon. philadelphia is an interesting place.14277337962_56899a1c8b_bwe didn’t get philly cheesesteak so instead we got philly cheeseCAKE. good heaven almighty it was the best berry coulis i’d ever tasted (inhaled, who we kidding).14092789590_ccc72bab22_ba homeless man took this photo for us… while we were surrounded by a protest. if you’re wondering about the apprehensive smiles… well, we were worried the transient was going to run off with my phone at any moment… but he gets an A for artistry! 14092949179_6e8c7303b7_zon sunday i rode my bike to church because i needed to shower…. which turned into me being even later for church because i was a sweaty mess when i got there. that’s what happens when you ride 4.5 miles uphill i guess. anyhow. afterwards we remedied the less than great church experience with a visit to the national museum of art. i rode across the moving sidewalk along the concourse four or five times, i was just so taken 14092692589_90df291c7b_bi mean honestly. 14092695608_6a3ca100a4_zand then last night it was the memorial day concern on the steps of the capitol. i’ve never been to an event that exuded so much america.14092737588_86537fd79b_btoday bright and early we headed to arlington national cemetery for the memorial day program. president obama spoke, and it was a sauna outside. it was cool to see mr. prez again, seeing as the last time was in high school before the primary elections of 08 had even happened and i totally called his presidency and no one believed me. 14092842517_2939f7a817_bmostly it was awesome to just be at arlington for a little reflection. support the troops! without them, you and me would have to be the troops! 14279404615_ac0e864d17_b(hi welcome to our lives as a collective hot mess)14093383150_c4a46e117a_zand then the weekend was rounded out with a trip to founding farmers for dinner. this place is my DREAM. farm to table everything, they have one freezer for just ice cream. god bless america and god bless founding farmers. 14277907372_cb23c37f4f_b14276619131_bbb2ae8855_b