january week 4 & feb week 1

on this week’s edition of “who the hell knows what week it is in the year is spring here yet” we have quiiiiiite the series of events. let’s get to it! 12394758235_990bcbce9b_z

i have quite the knack for making valentines. maybe this is why i am perpetually single? //taking a photo of yourself is so weird. hi posterity. this is me wearing a sweater i bought at DI when i was in high school. ps i think i got more compliments on this outfit than anything else ever.

did you all see the photo of the pope releasing doves two weeks ago, then see subsequent photos of those birds being attacked by seagulls? i couldn’t keep it together it was just too funny. anita made me my own collection while we were at church. case and point why i can never pay attention// family home evening with the only remaining people who weren’t cropped out. we definitely made a blanket fort. because we are at byu and that is what byu students do.

when it comes to getting your car washed, i say TAKE A PHOTO because it will definitely last longer. in fact, it definitely snowed the following day. // i have a class in the museum of art, and i walk by this HUGE painting every day. nativity by brian kershisnik. it is my favorite. 12394759465_1999aa6c0c_

this is kourtni and i at the gym doing an actual exercise. they’re called donkey kicks and JAMIE EASON TOTALLY DOES THEM SO SHUT UP. // movie theatre gluttony/stress eating at its finest. captain phillips is a RIDE12394901183_015b2fae10

it is always nice to look up from your computer one day to just be greeted by the hind parts of every plastic animal from room 5. i get no respect// super bowl party where the only bowl i really ever care about is the one holding the snacks. my aunt made these cupcakes that i enjoyed staring at because they were a lot more interesting than the actual game. amirite
12394903113_86573348ed_these are the things i’ve been eating this weekend. shut up food pictures rock. the eggs have cheese and spinach and red pepper flakes in them and were inhaled in .3. // i pass cafe rio every day on my way to work. most of the time i just drive right on by, but then friday came along and the veggie tostada straight yelled my name. i bought it to go, but it looked so good when i got out to my car i ended up eating it right there in the driver’s seat. because i am an independent woman.



i realize i have neglected a somewhat important aspect of my life here. okay i have straight not written about a single thing on this blog for what seems like the better part of a century, but this is one something that really matters- at least to me. did i mention that i graduate at the end of this semester? that i leave byu forever with not so much as a look over the shoulder? that i’m traveling into the great beyond of “post grad” life that is some what scary and unknown? having this blog is funny because i can so easily reference posts of the past, look back on my experiences trying to decide what would be a good idea of what to do after high school, and then here i am again, in this wheel of existence and experience, which has come full circle. yet again, everyone i meet is asking me about my plans



i think the funniest thing about people asking about your “plans” is that usually they really have no interest in your answer. i know this to be true because my coworkers, most of whom i have worked with for almost four years, still ask me repeatedly which school i go to, when i’m graduating, and what i’m doing after i walk across that stage come april (which they never know until i tell them the answer that i am, indeed graduating)

given, the above, i have learned that when people usually ask me about my plans, that usually just gives me an opportunity to spout off some myriad of answers, some logical, some downright ridiculous. but, they always buy it, and like clockwork, ask me again the next month, day whatever.


this whole year has been about plans. after i got back from spain, i made myself a two year plan, full of goals and TO DO lists that would get me to where i wanted to be in the next while. i’d graduate by december (last december) then i’d be at nursing school by spring (oops).

i just typed an entire paragraph explaining the roadblocks i ran into, then deleted it because it made me feel anxious and i worried it might make you feel anxious, too. so just know this: i learned a lot, had experiences that made me laugh and cry, and ultimately have led me to where i am right now. where i will be in april. where i have virtually no idea where i will be come school year 2014.DSC_0297

my good news is that i have an internship in washington, dc. DC! DC! remember when i went to close-up and fell in love with that place almost seven years ago? when i got interested in humans and dabbled in government, shaped my views and turned into a quasi-adult? i remember walking around the capitol building feeling so small, and watching the interns glide past like they knew what was going on (they didn’t, i know that now), but then and there i decided that i would be returning. i would come back to live that life and learn what i hadn’t  the first time. (and much more…. wow i have a lot to learn). and i  really cannot wait. it is going to be an experience.

i will be interning as a federal advocacy intern for the american heart association come the beginning of may. i will write more specifics come that day, but for now  i thought it might be good to just write down my “plan”. my internship will go to august, after which i have no idea what the future holds for me. i have decided to postpone my nursing applications to see what could happen in dc. i would love to gain experience working in public health for a season there, then return to school if it is right in its time. everything in its right place, people!

it feels good to have a plan, but it also feels good to have some unknown.

sterling photo

my mantra for 2014 is to continue to experience, interact, and enjoy.  dc will be the perfect place to ensure that those actions are not mutually exclusive, in addition to the other great things that will happen before leaving utah and extending beyond the time i have in the nation’s capital.

i feel good. i feel hopeful. (i still feel broke)

**these photos are from last weekend out near utah lake. it is pretty out there when everything is covered white. my friend took the last one. he is an actual professional. i want to be him/ use his camera for eternity

january weeks 2/3

did i mention that this year i volunteered at the sundance film festival? i totally did. and let me tell you, it was probably one of my favorite things i’ve done in utah.

last year, hailey and i went to check out sundance on a day we had off of school. we walked around. ate really bad pho. saw demetri martin. rode some buses. wandered aimlessly. i’d say we did everything you can do at sundance… oh, except actually see the films. you see, getting into films at sundance can be… laborious. you have to know what you’re doing. you don’t just walk up to the counter five minutes before showtime and say, “two tickets please”. at the time i didn’t really know the film game, and that made me mad. right then and there i decided the next year would be different.

fast forward to october of this year. i was sitting on my bed one day, surfing the internet when i realized that SUNDANCE was only a few months away, and i needed to get in my application. then and there i signed up, and over the next few weeks did i did telephone interviews and surveys, waited, and did a double heel click when i was approved for volunteering at temple theatre.

if you’re ever looking for a great opportunity to get good perks, meet cool people from all over, and see a bunch of good films, volunteer at sundance. it was such a good experience, and i only wish i could have done more than 24 hours in the 10 day period. school is such a joy kill! 12238609343_1fc7d637e4_z

egyptian theatre on main.// sundance hq on main cafe

one of the cool parts of sundance is running into the starts. this is willis earl beal, actor in the documentary, memphis. yes, that is a mask, and yes, he was that cool. we chatted for a few minutes while getting coffee at a local shop. he told me i was a juxtaposition, and hell, isn’t that the truth. the stars! they’re everywhere! by the end of sundance, i just walked around knowing that half the crowd was people i should probably know. // me and the egyptian. i grew fond of this place.12238610693_ab4b2b377c_z

the first film i saw at sundance was called e-team. it was a film about human rights watch, a group that investigates crimes against human rights and brings them to the attention of the world. this film dealt largely with the conflict in syria, and was poignant and worthwhile. the best part about seeing films at sundance are the q and a sessions afterward. because this screening was the premiere, many of the cast members were there to answer questions and give their take on different scenes, etc. i loved it. // the free hot chocolate wasn’t too bad, either.

walking down main street // oh heeeeeeeeey amy poehler, paul rudd, and max greenfield. yep, the trifecta. i attended an early screening of a film they were all in, called “they came together”, and holy crap the q and a was funnier than the movie! they are perfect. amy and i were basically wearing the same outfit. it was an 8 am screening, and all i have to say is that the EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM. driving up to park city at 6 am to get there in time was totally and completely worth it.

that concludes my sundance pics. but really, it was such a great experience. other films i saw included  return to homs, lambert & stamp, no no: a dockumary, all the beautiful things, happy valley, & marmot (my favorite!).


my wardrobe is turning increasingly black. // i made pho. i put an egg on top of/in everything.

on a day when the mountains were pretty and and the air didn’t seem so dirty// the hill i trek every day. it doesn’t get any easier, ever! 12238617133_57610d6698_z

kourtni and i have been doing live fit, a training program with jamie eason. over the last few months  we have formed a habit of going to the gym together every day, so on a day when we couldn’t go together, it was preeeetty lonely. // vip membership at happy sumo is probably life’s best kept secret. all this sushi was half off. also, probably the best sushi i have ever had. 12238836644_600c202a9e_z

shadows and feet. are these proper church footwear? (don’t answer that)// this semester my life has taken a nice turn for the “stop and smell the roses”, so i don’t feel so stressed out, thanks to much less difficult classes… basically meaning now i have time to lay in my bed and watch scandal while sipping tea. i tell you what, it is nice to be able to breathe again.


january week 1


i’m going to try to be better at blogging. i’m not making any promises though, so don’t hold me to it. as a handful of you probably know, my last semester was a little bit insane, and i didn’t even realize just how stretched i’d gotten myself until i stepped foot into this semester, which is my very LAST and markedly easier. what a relief it is to not eat every meal standing. anyway, i’m attempting to piece together some semblance of a post on my semester and what went down, because between biochem classes and pathophysiology study guides, i was able to eek out some cool things last term. you might have to wait for it, though! i forgot that blogging is tedious, and quite frankly, it has lost its luster for me.  BUT i figure i won’t regret a little old fashioned documentation, so here i sit, plinking away at this keyboard.


one of my blogging intentions for this year is to snap some images every week of happy moments and record them. that way, when i think about my last year of college, it is more than just a blur of tests and early mornings. so, here we go! week one.


planners are a big deal for me. i found the perfect one!// these boots have not left my feet since dec 25. pouncing through fresh snow is my siren songreading

saturday lunch and the wonderous life of oscar wao on the kindle my sister regifted me for christmas. that thing deserves its own post entirely, but long story short, i love it //i came out of work one day to the golden hour.

catching dinner with my blurry cousin who always gets mistaken for my boyfriend when we’re out (ew). a love of pho runs in the family!

friends on the middle of a very frozen utah lake setting off wish lanterns during the weekend. mine caught fire, fell to the earth, then was resurrected. metaphor for my life? yeah.

today is my sister’s birthday. i’d always wanted to eat the sushi buffet at sushi ya, and let me just say our eyes were much bigger than our stomachs…. which poses a problem when you’re expected to eat it all or pay extra. i may or may not have ended up stashing half a roll in my purse. // here’s the birthday girl holding a little cherubic baby. babies!

we need a little christmas. right this very minute

i’m back! we’ll talk more about my time laying low in another post, but first! christmas! one thing i would really like to do this year is pull out my big bulky camera more often. the iphone is nice, convenient, discreet, and doesn’t make me look like a complete dumb@$$ carrying it around, but man. one look at the quality and i know there’s a reason i dropped out of school that fated fall day in 2011 and used my tuition money to buy that 900 dollar machine. (insert monkey covering mouth emoji)


first off, a photo shoot with payton after church one day. i told him to stand on that ball thing so we would crop it out later and make him look taller. i totally lied. really i just wanted photos of him posing on an exercise ball while taking selfies with my mother.


poor kid has to put up with me kissing him every time i come home. sorry buddy. (not really)DSC_0162

one day he’ll be this big and it makes me sad. in my mind he’ll always be either five or twelve. DSC_0171most epic photo bomb. nice work, lindsay.


oh look, here we all are. DSC_0187

self timer, guys!


leo fritze and i totally bonded over break. don’t ask. just… let it happen. IMG_6332

my mom was set on going to see the botanical gardens at garden aglow.DSC_0210 DSC_0214 DSC_0218DSC_0227 DSC_0231 DSC_0236

i was set on getting her to take photos with me in the following manner while hundreds (probably 10)  spectators turned and stared. DSC_0237seeing as my dad works for ups, he is mostly never around during december. this means christmas eve was spent gathering around our kitchen island wolfing down pizza and drinking copious amounts of martinelli’s. it’s one of those “when the cat’s away, the mice will drive kris ball to her wit’s end”  sort of situations. hi mom. IMG_6335


christmas morning flannel.


i made a photo book of our hawaii trip and it was my favorite thing to watch my family open up. too bad the book ended up being like 5 inches by 5 inches. foiled again during my scholarly stupor that was fall semester.

one of the best things was seeing my friends that were home. seeing as none of my best friends from boise live within 1000 miles of me, it is always imperative that we find some times to get together.  you know. like going to the POTATO DROP on nye, which is essentially JUST LIKE the times square ball drop, but instead of a ball it is a potato that drops at midnight. (it is nothing like times square). DSC_0270


and going to lunch, which is just a given. IMG_6330
the weather in boise was pretty spectacular over break, so a lot of mornings were spent taking our maniac dog out for his daily gaunt. also, lots of slobbery stick throwing and twirling on ice that probably isn’t that safe to twirl on. in fact, kourtni was informed of it by a self proclaimed safety officer as he rode by. oops. 
IMG_6362 IMG_6417

also, a lot of time was spent aimlessly wandering around stores until we stumbled upon great finds, like these beards. IMG_6372

merry christmas! and welcome back to my blog, oh ye faithful readers. 

oh hey there you fine people

hi guys. this is proof that i am still living and surviving (kind of) amid eighteen credits and working and endless homework and trying to have friends and come up with meals that are things other than peaches and almond butter.
obviously i am taking a brief hiatus from blogging.
haters gonna hate but you know. this girl is currently trying to land an internship and get into nursing school sooooooooo…. live wid it.
big kiss little kiss.

down in the bay pt 3.

IMG_5287IMG_5281IMG_5285DSC_0015 DSC_0020 DSC_0028 DSC_0035 DSC_0038 DSC_0040DSC_0045

on our last day in california we headed to monterey to check out the town, ride bikes along the 17 mile drive, and ooh and awe at the ocean and larger than life estates that pop up everywhere. oh! and we ate deli sandwiches at a grocery store that turned out to be some of the best in my life. also that tree up there is the lone cypress, AKA the longest living tree in the whole place… so naturally we tree posed next to that lonely tree out there. and the asian tourists gathered and snapped some pics. DSC_0047 DSC_0057 DSC_0060 DSC_0063 DSC_0065 DSC_0067

and then we had a bonfire in santa cruz! shane’s family has a secret beach down on the coast, and in the pitch blackness thanks to no moon and all thanks to iphone flashlight and headlamps, we made it to the cliff and literally had to sort of repel and scale that cliff to get down to our spot below. it was hairy… but totally worth it! let me tell you! after we’d set up camp we explored the tide pools and found all sorts of marine-y things like crabs and starfish, sea anemones and FLIES. my cool friends who live in coastal regions taught me how to grab crabs, roast em, and eat em! coolest experience ever. however does this make me a…. hunter? (shudder).

and as quickly as we dove into the fun, it was over and time to go back to utah. back to dry heat and sno cone shacks, back to work and reality. but really… this was one of the top ten weekends on my life thanks to cool friends who like adventures and experiences. i rate a trip by the goodness of the friends, the food, and the laughs. our little californian gaunt housed them all. this is what life is all about, folks!