october 2016

honestly at this point the months run together and i am labelling everything until february 10 as just “engaged” because it is the longest, shortest, busiest-yet-not-sure-what-i’ve-accomplished time.

in october, we planned. venue, photographer, plane tickets, lodging, etc etc etc my brain kinda hurt but i only had one meltdown! it is worth it though. the short of it is we are getting married in costa rica! and we collectively racked up nearly 100 dollars of international charges on our phone bill! yay! save-the-date

october was a good time. fall in utah was really nice and mild this year, so we got outside a lot, i worked a lot, and my heater didn’t work at all! fun! i was finally put on a different schedule, meaning i didn’t have to work every weekend, so we finally go to go on some some trips. we spent conference weekend in scofield, utah and a friend’s cabin, then went to boise another weekend to see family. kourtni and i did a crossfit competition, i had to be a nurse for halloween (ugh night shift i tell ya) and really, it was just a nice pleasant month.

lhere’s some photos if you’re wanting to take a look. some real gems, in my opinion.

hope you are happy and healthy! and honestly, if you read this, thanks.


sept 2016

i’m behind. ooooooops

september was really great! i took a couple weeks off work and headed back east to see friends, go to a wedding, and see adele in concert. tyler came with me for a minute so i could indoctrinate him on the greatness that is washington, dc.

in the early part of the month, my family showed up on one weekend. they tend to do that. this is the good thing about living close by… lots of surprise visits. we hiked up to donut falls with just about every other breathing individual in salt lake city? anyway, lots of photos happened, obviously.

then we went to washington, dc! it was so good to be back and see my favorite people. we went to my friend from nursing school’s wedding in maryland, ate at all my favorite restaurants, rode bikes around the national mall, kayaked around the potomac, and took a little trip up to philadelphia to get a cheesesteak and see the magic gardens. it was a great trip

after dc tyler went home and i went to florida to visit diana in her paradise wonderland home of miami. we spent lots of time on yelp finding good things to eat, went to south beach and used a ton of bug spray because ZIKA, paddle boarded, played kickball and karaoked, AND i was in bed every night by 10 pm. it was so great.

last but not least i flew up to new york city to meet with a couple friends to see adele. new york in the fall will always be one of my top favorite things- perfect weather coupled with good company, great things to eat, and a hustle atmosphere. i am very into it. adele was so, so so so so good. she is an angel. plus i got to sit a lot during the concert. i might be old, but i think sitting at concerts is my love language.

and then i came home to utah and got engaged…. so yes, i will chalk up september as being a pretty great month. pics below. not for the faint of heart! there’s a lot of em! godspeed!


so we are getting married!

guys. i am engaged. (!!!!) to the love of my life, my person, mi media naranja. there are few words that describe the euphoria of knowing you’re going to be with someone forever. there are such a range of emotions, describing how i feel right now is really hard. i guess it’s a mix of excitement, giddiness, relief, and a little bit of, “oh shit what are we doing?!”. overall though, it is really the best feeling ever.img_2693anyway, here’s what went down. it happened on september 26th at the salt lake city, ut airport. (in the terminal 1 baggage claim, you might know). i had been away from tyler for a week because of a trip back east, and i guess for anyone looking to get proposed to, i suggest taking like a week away to really decide how you feel about one another. yes, my trip was great, but it was also THE LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. as soon as i exited my plane i basically sprinted out of the airport to find tyler, who i assumed was just waiting in the car. when i got out though, there he was, standing by the baggage claim holding flowers, looking around unassuming and not seeing me until i was about 4 inches from his face. i kissed him and hugged him and wouldn’t let go. he somehow managed to peel me off of him, looked me in the eye, and said something to the effect of, “since i got home on wednesday there has been something i knew i needed to do”… and then he was on his knee! and pulling out a ring and asking me to marry him! and i barely let him finish before i said, “yes! oh my hell! yes!” and pulled him off the ground and continued barraging him with kisses… pictured below. (i don’t think he minded) also, can i say how thankful i am that something told me to dress like a civilized human and put on a bra despite my 14 hour travel day?

(thanks to tyler’s sister, cassidy, for sneakily taking pics across the airport. i never thought i would want photographs of my engagement, but now that i have some, i actually can’t stop looking at them.)img_2694img_2696img_2697img_2698img_2700img_2699img_2701img_2702img_2703and a selfie for good measure! img_2669i love you, tyler kimball. i could say a lot of things about how i feel about you, but out of fear i might make other people vomit, i’ll save em.

so this is happiness.

august 2016

bye summer! see ya!

august, what a month. most excitingly, i moved! into my own place! honestly it is the best thing ever. i’d like to thank my previous crappy landlord for prompting my soul search for a new apartment, my ward facebook page for the kickass listing i was able to nab, and my angelic boyfriend for letting me bum at his house for two weeks and clog his shower with lots of my hair. (isn’t being in a relationship fun??)

the first part of the month was spent basically going to the pool, refinishing furniture for my new place, cooking, and trying not to fall asleep in my car on my commute home after work. fun!

and then i moved and the second half of the month was spent plotting how i was going to fit all my stuff in a tiny apartment. tyler and i were able to put our heads together and brave ikea, install shelves (ok that was just tyler), and spend lots of money! all in the name of adulthood! really though, it is great. one of my favorite things has been having a PATIO SET! that is rickety and questionably put together, but fun to eat at, since i don’t have a kitchen table, and because dining al fresco is my JAM.

i worked a lot of weekends (womp) but we did manage to have fun. one weekend we went to southern utah with tyler’s family to dirt bike and hang out. and i fulfilled all of tyler’s girlfriend dreams by riding a dirt bike and not falling off immediately. we did some rooftop yoga, hung more shelves, ate superrrrr fresh peaches, got matching toothbrushes, made a lot of mexican food, and more.

it was a good month. it was a great summer! kinda maybe the best? anyway, here’s more disjointed photos, ENJOY!

july 2016

another month of working weird hours and squeezing in a little bit of fun times. it really pleases me that most of the photos i took this month were outside.

a bunch of fun stuff happened this month! tyler and i actually had the 4th off (PRAISE!) so we hiked up near big cottonwood, walked around silver lake with every other resident of salt lake county, bbq-ed (kinda. but he made pretty bomb potato salad, so it counts), and shared a pint of ben and jerrys while we watched fireworks from the capitol lawn. it was the best fourth.

then, mom and kourtni came to town! sunburns ensued due to white skin and pool days, lots of eating favorite things, and hiking…. which resulted in us taking off our shirts? i don’t know. we can’t be tamed. it was awesome.

and then! i went to boise to see the fam on one of my 4 day off stretches. we refinished bathroom cabinets, rode bikes, and jumped in the lake. boise in the summer is a dream.

and back to hiking! i conned tyler into hiking to lake blanche with me (sorry). it was so beautiful up there! i recommend highly. another day britni and i hiked to dog lake in the same canyon, and yeah, it is safe to say i have an obsession with that place.

aaaaaand the greatest thing that happened in july? i moved out of my apartment! no longer do i live with 11 other girls! NOW I LIVE ALONE!!!! my new place fell into my lap one day when i was feeling pretty distraught about the whole housing situation, and so while this place isn’t exactly perfect on paper, it is perfect because it is MINE! STAY TUNED ON MORE ABOUT THAT!

anyway, here’s the pics to prove the fun. summer, never leave. (but on second thought, like you can totally leave because i’m kinda stoked on winter this year? more on that later)


ok, honestly all the good photos from this month have their own posts. i do have some stragglers, though. june was really great. it has been so nice to have a summer that is just SUMMER instead of school-laden or dread-laden-because-of-impending-school. i got to travel to santa barbara to see tyler, we went to canada and clocked over 36 hours driving over 5 days, and more. so i’ve been doing things! working! cooking! hiking! looking like a mom at costco! here’s some pics to peruse; have fun, kids.

the great canadian rockies

it is a good thing things have worked out with tyler and me, because after maybe one month of dating we decided we should take a trip together. maybe it was his way of gauging my interest. you’ll have to ask him. all i know, is that without much trepidation i blurted out LAKE LOUISE and the next thing i knew we were googling pictures and booking places to stay. i shoulda known then that i’d found my travel partner for life. we had such an amazing time. i mean, maybe being in one of the most beautiful places in the world had something to do with it, but it was so great- perfect, really.

we started our canadian journey on thursday, stopped to sleep, and arrived in calgary on friday. what a place! neither of us had ever been to canada before, so i was just drinking it up. i mean, maybe canada isn’t really that foreign, but even the smallest things made me squeal and point. the highway signs are so polite! the accents are so real! the people are so… ordinary! we spent the night in calgary, which could be a post in and of itself, but i’ll refrain.

on saturday morning we drove a few hours to banff national park. the weather was a little cold, rainy, and foggy, but we made the best of it, and quite honestly, the cool weather was kind of a nice change from what we had been getting back home… but yeah, we were cold and wet most of the time. i felt like the prodigal son returning to his down coat, but ya know. warmth and comfort. we got lunch in banff, saw lake louise with the other million asian tourist groups, and, not going to lie, after both of those stops, i was feeling a little deflated because my expectations were so great and the reality was so.. touristy. but, after a scenic drive on the icefields parkway and us accidentally happening upon peyto lake, i was all euphoric over banff again. it is so beautiful! that night we camped at tunnel mountain and the sun didn’t set until 10:30 pm. yep. it was sort of the perfect day

on sunday we woke up to beautiful weather. we packed a million jackets, a lot of water, and enough trail mix for an entire boy scout troupe, and headed to castle mountain to hike. we did about 18 kilometers straight uphill punctuated by smallish reprieves through rain and gigantic puddles. and it was awesome. all six hours! the rest of the night was spent along scenic byways and perfecting jiffy pop over an open flame.

on monday morning we packed up, ate at the quintessential canadian fast food stop, tim horton’s, grabbed some real cadbury chocolate (thanks, england), hit up another poutine joint in lethbridge on our way out of canada, and spent the next sixteen hours together driving back to utah. honestly, i couldn’t have imagined a better trip. can’t wait for more just like this, kimball!