work hard, play hard or something

two things: i have six weeks left of school. i’m freaking out.

more importantly, we went to new york last week! IMG_7091

we drove, which was awesome. the drive through new jersey, pennsylvania, and the welcome center in delaware was lovely. east coast in the fall, i tell you what. it is something else. we had no real time table in the city, so it was spent meandering through brooklyn, which is everything you’d expect and more, and and food touring HARD. we hit up smorgasburg, juliana’s for pizza, and vanessa’s for sesame pancakes after seeing a USB comedy show on the lower east side. we even spotted humans of new york guy at penn station.


sunday was strictly reserved for bagels and leaf peeping. we drove into the city, and i fought a taxi driver for a prime parking spot right on central park west. i have never felt more fulfilled! amy snapped a pic for posterity. we then grabbed bagels from barney green grass, and i definitely accidentally spent fifteen dollars on a pumpernickel bagel with lox. thanks, new york. oh well, it was pretty transcendental. right as we finished our bagels we spotted the neon sign for milk bar, so it was basically a no brainer that we continue the carb tour, especially since a milk bar just opened up in dc, and the line could probably wrap around the earth a few times over. we got the cake batter milkshake, crack pie, funfetti cookie, compost cookie, and chocolate chip cornflake cookie. all were great, but i am still partial to the black and white from zabar’s and the chocolate cookie from levain as the best new york cookies… because that is an important thing. IMG_7088

and ahhhhh the park! i love central park. it is wonderful in every season, but guess what- fall is the best. i mean, maybe my opinion is skewed by the bavarian dancers that were cutting a rug by the belvedere castle and the quiddich players getting down on the lawn this time around, but man, i am into it. IMG_7087

and that is our trip.

and now i should really go back to studying.

oh wait- i went to LA

so before the impending radio silence that comes with school starting, i give you one final trip of the summer.

los angeles!

one of my good friends from the byu days is now a super cool photo assistant (almost main personal assistant! boss lady!) for a photographer in LA, and i guess as she now knows, and so all of you for the future living in cool places know, when you tell me to “come visit anytime!” i take you up on your offers. (also a hat tip to allegiant for having 40$ fares to LA from boise- i mean, you never know if you’re actually going to make it with that airline, but hey, when it goes off without a hitch, you forget about all the horror stories!) 

i arrived on a thursday, and in true good hostess brooke fashion, we had a full weekend of things planned. she had made lists and agendas and schedules with variations, heavy on the vegan restaurants and NOT VEGAN dessert places (she knows me). she also chartered me a ride from the airport by one of her friends who works from home, and she conned him into hanging out with me for hours while she was on a shoot. bless them all, really.

so we toured around and saw the cool parts of the city; the tar pits and the iconic lamp posts (pictured here) at the LACMA, hollywood, beverly hills, etc. we also went to the hollywood bowl for a really amazing concert by the LA philharmonic (right??) where there wasn’t a bad seat in the house, and i was in heaven eating my takeout pad thai under the stars, enjoying everything from bach to bluegrass. (no i didn’t think that up, that was the name of the show. it was a little heavy on the bach and lacking in the bluegrass though, IMO. more banjos! more mandolins!).

also that ice cream? salt and straw creamery; they are based out of portland, but they have a few locations in LA now and it was wonderful. they have quirky flavors, like this avocado and strawberry. it was so good.  

i don’t care where it is, if there are palm trees, i am way into it.

the venice canals. in previous LA trips, i’ve only ever gone to the venice beach boardwalk, which is kind of filthy and mostly just medical marajuana shops, so going inland to the neighborhood to see the canals was so juxtaposed! new life goals include a house off dell ave!

LA is just so…. LA. this is us on hollywood blvd eating froyo that is actually pressed juice masquerading as froyo? it is some weird health-crazed inception. some of it tasted like the aftertaste of vomit, but you do that kind of stuff because healthy and trendy. also, we ate it next to a soulcycle studio where there was a dog outside drinking out of a five dollar water bottle. also, a sign above our heads warned us that sitting on the bench meant we could be filmed without consent for a new series called, “sweat in the city”. have i checked off all the LA stereotypes yet??

so i had the bright idea of hiking up the hollywood sign, because HELLO hiking. i brought a heat wave to the city, so we did this hike in 104 degree weather, so if you were wondering why we are holding our water bottles like they’re academy awards, well it is because we managed to forget water, and the park rangers saved us with these free water bottles. bless you.

behind the LA sign! guys it is pretty up there, but a million degrees and hello smog city.

brunch at TOAST. even if the food ended up just being a bit “meh”, i’m a sucker for a good stuffed bananas foster french toast. and crispy potatoes.

hi hollywood, again. 

a few more photos from the venice beach boardwalk, contemplating getting a medical marijuana consultation or some undies that say “brian’s b*tch” … hehhhhh

oh! left lower- that line we are standing in? upright citizens’ brigade. for those not familiar, this is a comedy show with a troupe of hilarious people, some you might know if you’re into the likes of amy poehler. no, she wasn’t there the night we went, but the guy from baby mama who plays the husband in the gay couple who cries and says, “it’s just gonna be me and two fatties!!” definitely was, and he was hilarious. and if you’re wondering about that obscure reference, well, i do not apologize. the show was hilarious. improv forever!

we went to the getty villa, which is a fancy house museum on a hill. it was pretty and i was obsessed with the pictured floor, mosaic, architecture, and groping. i mean, hey when the sign says PLEASE TOUCH and there are exposed breasts, i mean what are we supposed to do? 

mo getty, mo groping. 

and then we went to the beach! santa monica, to be precise. geez there are a lot of people down there. i guess they all know something we don’t- oh! that CALIFORNIA IS AMAZING. also, the pacific highway is the real deal. 

we brought a cooler of fruit and sandwiches from bay cities, a deli near the beach touting a million cool foods and a million crazy shoppers. my sandwich was pretty good, but the favorite for me was the sign above the line for pick up sandwiches warning customers, “DO NOT ASK WHEN YOUR SANDWICH WILL BE READY. IT WILL BE DONE WHEN IT IS ON THIS SHELF”. fair enough. before my red eye flight back to dc, we hit up the getty museum just in time for sunset. geez, that place! it lovely and modern with clean lines and class. basically, it is everything that i am not. also, there was a big pink moon we got to watch rise up over the city and let me tell you, it was really something.

two of my favorite works; jesus coming into brussels, which i am pretty sure was supposed to be satire, but whatever i like the colors. also, van gogh. ANYTHING van gogh. this one was of lillies he painted in the courtyard of his rehab center. he didn’t intend for this to a work, but more of a sketch. ARTISTS, I TELL YA!

one more of getty at sunset. this one didn’t really bring in the instagram likes. WOMP WOMP WOMP ;)

anyway, believe it or not, all this stuff and all this food was eaten in less than about fifty hours, and all made possible thanks to brooke and her big blow up mattress.

now…. who am i coming to visit next?

wild wild west

i went to utah & idaho, and all i have to show for it is about ten pounds and these photos.

do you know how funny it was for me to tell people i was going “out west” for my summer vacation? my classmates and coworkers would look at me in awe, like i was lewis and clark, wondering if i would get cholera or diphtheria on the trail or something…. or if i would come back at all. and honestly, it was a little weird for me, too. being away from a place for a year+ some change just does something to you. here’s some pics to gawk at if you so desire. my first order of business touching down in utah after dropping off my suitcase was making a bee line to allred orchards for some of their best bruised produce. nine dollars for half a bushel? i’ll take it! i am the “seconds” biggest fan! i am like the lady liberty of reject nectarines. give me your bruised! your misshapen! your overripe and borderline moldy!!

the sad part about living far away from utah is the handful of friends and family i had to leave behind and only see on instagram these days. thankfully, i was able to see a lot of them, and some were even kind enough to drag me along on a camping trip. this is us making fondue over an open fire in the wasatch somewhere. and i mean, it was wonderful and classy and cheesy. seriously, all fun and games until one friend was whittling in the dark and accidentally machete’d himself in the leg and i had to play nurse and tell everyone we needed to whisk him down to the ER. good times! (all’s well, ok). 

the stupid thing about utah is that everyone thinks getting married is a good idea and i don’t get to go to their weddings, but hey at least this gives a lot of subject matter for our hikes! also honorable mention goes to shawn for bringing me sushi. no matter where i go happy sumo sushi will always be the best trashy sushi ever and so i guess i will have to go to utah always.

speaking of marriage, my little sister got engaged when i was over there. check out that rock! good job, oliver. sorry you’re going to have to put up with me for the rest of eternity.

so many good reunions happened in utah with family i haven’t seen for a long time, like the original three cousins all finally got together! and a photo to prove it! go us! we have come a long way from big bows and glamour shots at jc penney.. or maybe not. 

also, BABIES! on a detour through idaho falls i met my cousin’s baby for the first time and she was adorable, but, as evidence above, you don’t need me to tell you that.

after my mother got over the shock that i was actually coming home she quickly booked up some family pictures for us. (groan yay). they actually went pretty well though, i guess family pictures get easier once everyone gets over the “cries when hungry, tired, etc” stage. (even though i wanted to cry when i saw some of them. yiiiiiikes). here’s some of the ones i took that might not make it on your refrigerator come december. also my sister’s fiance in the one above makes it look like a sasquatch sighting and i love it.   

yeah, i took it upon myself to photograph the new couple. alyssa ball photography! now available for engagements, weddings, bat mitzvahs.
lindsay and i hiked up table rock one day, and it killed me. i blame the crappy air quality. and not the fact that i didn’t work out for a month? oops.

my little brother is not so little anymore- like he looks like an abercrombie model and he is taller than me? what? i mean that isn’t hard to do, but it is jarring because he will always be four years old to me and i would like to have a word with whoever thought this was a good idea. also, i have no photos to prove it, but he taught me how to shoot his bow (yep) and i liked it? what does this say about me? also, he is cool and shoots a bow because “guns are too easy”. his words verbatim. all i know is when the zombie apocalypse happens, i am hanging out with payton.

more peaches. i made a crispy cobbler situation. i also ate most of it. cuz fruit.

lindsay leaping at table rock

me leaping at table rock. i know i know i am so weirdly into gifs right now but google photos just makes it too easy.. in fact, google photos makes the for me, so i can’t be blamed. also i just think this one is too funny, like it shows my hesitation of thinking this is a bad idea, and thankfully lindsay didn’t take pics of the whole ordeal because i definitely ate it on the way down and my coccyx will never be the same, honestly.

oh that’s all my pictures? weird. not pictured but done most often: laying in bed. not changing my clothes. watching season upon season of portlandia. stressing over financial aid. eating boxes of cinnamon toast crunch (while writing these GD blog posts.) getting my nails done for twelve dollars (i love idaho!!). not studying for nursing. filming a lot of snapchat stories of my dog.

anyway, good times in the west. shout out to my parents for putting up with me and my antics for a whole week, and  my brother for being my personal chauffeur. you da real mvp.

summer wind-down

believe it or not, things happened all summer! going through these photos was pretty fun. some of them seem like yesterday, others feel like they were legitimately a lifetime ago? how does that work, huh?  

so, let’s start things off with a picture of me and my main… you see, this summer i dated a boy with a really awesome camera. so, i guess even though things didn’t work out between us, i made it out with this shot of me looking pretty badass. so thanks for that! also, thanks for all the froyo- i think we hit every spot in this city, and, pro tip, i can safely say that it mostly all tastes the  s a m e.

it was a really busy & sweaty summer, and between studying, working, and clinicals, i had a lot of fun. i vacationed to north carolina and northern maryland. i got caught in a monsoon nearly every week… which spurred flooding in the bomb shelter that occurred nearly as often. i laughed a lot. i cried a lot. i didn’t sleep hardly at all. but most importantly, i discovered the best hummus in the city is from perfect pita and you can buy it at safeway. (!!!!)

so most of these photos are backwards, so this is starting in august! yeah!my cousin’s baby is seriously the sweetest and the cutest… and she was skeptical of me to say the least. //hailey and i went to see once at the kennedy center. it was fantastic and maybe one day i will learn not to wear cut offs to broadway shows. (maybe) // customs at the houston airport is so fancy- they take your picture and make you turn it it in? what kind of sorcery is this? you know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? well…. the look on my face speaks volumes. // ok this is way out of sequence but i went to north carolina. more on that later. for blythe’s birthday we did all sorts of things that started with b, naturally! we went on a bike ride, and how cute are we in these super grainy pics??// meridian hills park; what a treasure. // hailey and amy are my figurative ride or dies, my bike is my literal ride or die. (over the course of the year i got in three different bike accidents… more on that later).
thomas sweet is the best ice cream in the city. bible. (it is so good that i just quoted keeping up with the kardashians and i am not even apologizing, it is that good). // so we moved! and this is eliza and blythe eating whatever weird stuff we had in the pantry after church. aka cereal (ok not weird because eliza is on top of things and went grocery shopping) tortilla chips and salsa. crackers. popcorn. it was okay though because do you see these WINDOWS?? // LOOK! look at my big bed!! i decided that, after sleeping on an ikea bed that really was just a board with foam on it for a year, i deserved an upgrade. and i am very happy with my decision. // moving! i equate the feelings of happiness of getting out of the bomb shelter with how amish kids feel about getting to go on that amish vacation where they’re free to wear jeans and experiment with drugs etc etc because the POSSIBILITIES AND FREEDOM! fourth of july hangs. it was hot and sweaty but i guess that is what the founding fathers fought for- our right to sweat and eat copious amounts of french fries. also, for my right to eat a piece of cold pizza while writing this post at 3 am, but that is beside the point!// BLYTHE IS QUEEN! happy birthday blythe! // i got my hair cut and was feeling like a boy, so i obviously had a photoshoot with the most feminine thing i could find in order to counteract the short hair boy vibes. idk // remember how i kept getting in bike crashes? well, because i believe in safety first, obviously, i got a new one. between recounting experiences of watching “hoarders” and “intervention” on acid, my cracked out coworker told me i should name her judy, and so i did. she’s lovely.
my sisters sent me this pic during a particularly crappy day in mid-july. look at how cute they are. wish they didn’t live two time zones away! // me fetching things for surgery and what not, mostly here for proof i did some kind of school // eliza turned 25 and we ushered the festivities with CHEESE! i am so happy to be friends with someone who loves cheese, daresay it, maybe even more than me. // sunsets on the mall.apartment hunting! it occupied much of our time for much of the summer, but in the end, we came out on top thanks to the sleuthing of these ladies // murals near howard on my way home from the hospital. // pool hangs when i should have been studying for my peds midterm // r street is the best street for coveting walk ups.
one weekend we went to a farm in northern maryland with some friends, and it was real splendid. // inside filthy lucre, which is a riff off peacock room exhibit in dc. really amazing! if you’re in the area, definitely check it out. // i spent a week of the summer not studying enough and reading aziz ansari’s book instead. it was good. i basically walked away from it pretty sure i will never be any good at dating. // 2amy’s pizza with mario and luigi?pretty city walk ups. // blythe and hydrangeas. my favorite! i didn’t pick any of these, but truuuuust me, many days of summer were spent stealing hydrangeas from my neighbors for my coffee table. oops // 1st street in bloomingdale will always hold some fine fresh memories // me and ashley, not pictured: blueberry buckwheat pancakes from market lunch at eastern market that we stood in line for for at least 45 minutes. ha! dc people!
 more from maryland… anything for the best shot!// up at a waterfall with 500 of our closest friends! // just a bunch of friends bonding over good stories and guacamole. // pals
so at the beginning of the summer we went to north carolina for duck beach… aka mormon spring break. i could write a novel about the weirdness… but we had a good time and we took some good pics, and here are a few for the books! at the beach// at a lighthouse// laying on the beach// eating popsicles in a hot tub. life doesn’t get better! banana, for the win!!  contrary to what this post might make you think, i did a ton of studying this summer. school was no joke! my favorite place to study was definitely big bear cafe. // remember how i said i ate a lot of froyo this summer? photographic evidence. moving on // just a half-selfie to document letting my hair go completely brown due to a lack of funding and mostly apathy. also, i am wearing my overalls. (remember the overalls??) // books at capitol hill books. how can a bookstore be so equally comforting and anxiety inducing??
this is not just a picture of a sandwich! it is a photographic representation of eliza and my pilgrimmage to get the best sandwich ever, and how our travails forced us to walk through downpouring rain and get splashed by all kinds of cars in the process. whatever. it was that good. // ha! this is such a cryptic picture but let’s just say if you’re going to go to the wharf for seafood after church in your sunday best, you’re definitely going to stick out. // more of the wharf, one of the best places in dc, bourdain agrees. // don’t be fooled by the inviting nature of this campy lake scene! this water was disgusting!

oh look, a fancy photo of me looking pensive at national harbor. (again, thank you boys with fancy cameras.) also, have you been there yet? you should go. they play music that makes you feel like you’re in disneyland, and they have got all the state flags on display for your quizzing pleasure. (not that i’m into that or anything… oh wait i totally am!)

anyway, thanks for stopping by, summer 2015. as evidence above, there were a lot of good times that i really enjoyed living inside, even if some ended up being a bit more raw than others. i mean, geez it isn’t even quite over and i’m already waxing nostalgic about the fleeting nature of these sweaty months…  (wait, sam smith, are you out there? you want the rights to some of this content? we’d make a great team!!)

catch ya when the leaves change.

nicaragua pt 2.


this is me “surfing”.


being in nicaragua was great. wonderful. confusing. humbling. hilarious. terrifying. unforgettable. really, i wish i could have just put everyone in my pocket so they could see what i saw, heard the things i heard… and let’s be honest, ate the things i ate! because dang! there is some good food down there!


here are a few more photos of my time that weren’t shot on iphone. most were just taken around where we lived for the ten day time, trying to capture a little bit of the beauty because, honesty. this place! hidden gems abounding! also, pigs abounding. chickens abounding. stray dogs on every corner. welcome to central america!


the landscape was a cross between hawaii and an african safari. DSC_0107

one of my favorite moments was at a beachside restaurant at which i was dining on the sand with mariachi playing in the background, waves sloshing against the shore, and a sunset on the horizon accompanied by the flicker of lightning in the distance. it was surreal and perfect (and my fish! the fish!) it is moments like this that just made me want to bottle up and remember forever. DSC_0114

most of the time in nicaragua i felt like worlds were colliding, past and future. one minute there would be a car blasting rhihanna, and the next, oxen riding down the road hauling feed with a family of six on the back. on one corner of the road there would be ladies hanging out the wash and pullling up water from the well, while just down the road construction workers were buliding multimillion dollar estates for what were likely american investors and retirees. DSC_0118

during the week, i was incredibly aware of my american-ness. it was jarring to suddenly realize the prosperity that has been thrust upon me without abandon. i spent a lot of time feeling very conscious. i grappled constantly with the question of who was really benefitting from this service mission: the nicaraguans, or me. in fact, the idea still weighs on my mind. DSC_0122

i saw resiliency and enjoyment. i was able to learn the true meaning of “placticar” aka, just sitting around, chatting with people and really learning and observing. DSC_0123

also, i did this. yeah, i don’t think they let you zipline upside down in america. just a hunch.


i mean, i was wearing a helmet covered in disney princess stickers, so i was totally safe. seems legit, right? DSC_0057

probably smiling because we survived, let’s be honest.  DSC_0060

my time spent in granada made me revisit spain and my obsession with it. also, my obsession with open air patios. who is going to tell america to stop building ugly houses and start building extravagant patios? do i have to do everything around here?DSC_0062

and colored buildings, because yes.  DSC_0063

and you cannot forget hammocks. nope. there is a phenomenon we lovingly referred to as “nica time”, aka doing things whenever you felt like it. read: late, if at all.


another one of the highlights of my trip was “learning” to surf. and by that, i mean i got pummeled by waves for two hours accidentally gave my instructor a free peek after a particularly powerful wave and an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. you’re welcome!


anyway, let’s end this post with a particularly good sunset. DSC_0144

the end.

(unless i figure out how to make a movie on imovie. technology. sheesh!)

nicaragua pt 1

hey. welcome. i’ve had a few persistent readers (blythe. amy. cough) that told me i should really get my sh*t together and blog a little. i did just go to nicargua and stuff, so i guess this calls for a post. this one goes out to you, guys!

SO. as part of my nursing school experience (guys. i only have ONE SEMESTER LEFT. I CAN LEGALLY INJECT PEOPLE IN LESS THAN 18 WEEKS!) i went down to nicaragua to do a service mission with FIMRC. if you’d like to read about some of our experiences, feel free to read more about them here. the short of things is that healthcare is less than adequate in nicaragua, which is the poorest country in central america, and our objective was to learn and serve for ten days in Las Salinas, Rivas, Nicaragua, and the surrounding area. our days were filled with activities like visiting diabetics in their homes to check their blood glucose and educate, do therapy with disabled children, prenatal home visits, education, and measurements, distribute water filters to surrounding health posts, teach PE at local schools, and work in local health clinics and observing the pediatrician. we also got to go to the hospital to observe in the operating room, and since there is no such thing as HIPAA, i got all the video footage you never wanted to see! c-sections! leg surgery! the gang is all here, folks!

we would work all day and then play all night. well, actually the sun sets around 6:15, so that is that!

i’m working on a video, but til then, here are the photos from my phone. yay iphone! yay apps! one of the health posts we brought water filters to. seriously, if there is one thing i learned from my trip, it is the importance of clean water, and how much it sucks when you don’t have access to it. and how much i felt like santa claus bringing water filters to clinics, the people were that excited. parasites, be damned! we got clay pots up in here! // best sunsets in the world. //pregnancy visits, teaching about pregnancy stuff while reggeton music blasts throughout the street. -_- // another health post, nurses wear white and they must be magicians to keep it that white, because i left everyday looking like i’d rolled around in a mud pit.
diabetic home visits- this dude wasn’t our patient, but he wanted in on the platicando (chatting) he told us the whole story of his son going to med school in cuba, how he was such a good student and got a scholarship. it was so cute. also, the framed photos on the walls were all photo shopped and it was hilarious. // walking house to house for our diabetic checks. // monkeys in the tree next door. the sound they make is terrifying. the best smoothie ever. i ate a great percentage of all the fruit in nicaragua. when they say experts in smoothies, they ain’t kidding! // me and my aura feeling sunsetty after rooftop yoga. GUYS no yoga will ever compare. // pretty sunsets after learning to surf. more on that later. // fran, one of our diabetic patients, got us all mangoes from her tree. it was the best mango i’ve ever eaten. i could have died pretty happy (and i might because i didn’t wash it LOL)

playa popoyo so pretty you want to swear. // pinch me though// elian, my little buddy with down syndrome. //our rough lodging at the surf sanctuary. not mad. 

doing therapy with maria, our patient with cerebral palsy //me and the cutest kids at school. my phone must have been real confused with the white balance, but whatever, it is obvious why they call me LA GRINGA // i made them do races and they were INTO IT. // one of the school we taught CPR at. funniest experience ever.
one weekend we went to the city of granada, which is heavily spanish influenced. i loved it. i also loved the VEGETABLES.// my favorite wall in this city with my sweaty mug out in front of it. // while everyone else was buying rum and cuban cigars, i spent all my cash on these shoes.// the patios in this place were unreal. like a little living room oasis in every one! guys, let’s move to nica.   

one day my entire group went to hike a volcano, but i had a hard time getting out of a hammock, so i stayed behind and wandered to the top of a cathedral again. the views!// again, cathedral views // missing my bfffffffff// on sunday i decided to find a mormon church to go to. i didn’t really know where i was going, but i found some missionaries to stalk, and they led me right there. also, they were babies. little babies! at church i made friend with an old man with no teeth who kept showing me photos of engineering plans and i was so confused by i nodded anyway and basked in the air conditioning.
mango lassis. give me all the mango! // a very comfortable hammock that was hard to get out of // a wrap that did not include rice and beans from garden cafe. three cheers! // market abuelita peeling fruit.  i went to mass and spent most of my time taking photos with the patron saints. // hammocks made by deaf and blind people // the pretty cathedral // more patios to drool over in granada
markets //palm trees // colorful streets// hammock factory   my feet on the floor. also new chacos i do indeed love. //city street below our hostel in granda// i bought this lady out on her mango and then proceeded to eat about four mangoes worth. // me being me eating smoothies and trying not to be hit by cars/motos/ couples riding bikes with tvs or plywood attached to the back (true story)
i like to think claro que si just means DUH in english. // the real question here is how many copies of pirated magic mike xxl should i have purchased in rivas? // cathedral painting. // selfie in the pasteleria.   rivas streets// mamones! my favorite latin american fruit. like a cross between a grape and a kiwi and a furry animal.// WELCOME// orange roll from a pasteleria. a small price to pay for a few moments of free wifi to stare at my phone with!
the hospital in rivas. it was…. an experience. //surgery time! think this picture is gross? just be glad i didn’t post the video. // life begins via c-section! burning cauterized flesh! don’t you wish you were there?? // pupusas filled with cheese and beans and jalapeno vegetable that almost made cry. cutest babies at our clinic. this one wasn’t so sure about me taking her temperature and head circumfrence. // the view! is it any wonder why tourists have become flocking down here? i mean, maybe it is the fact that you can build a house for 3,000 USD? yeah, that could be a determining factor… // hoop yoga on top of a cliff. not mad // the view at dinner over fish tacos.
health clinics. they’re really stressing breast feeding, and this public health sign was my favorite. contrary to popular belief, your newborn should NOT be eating bean and rice.// ultrasound. it’s a girl!// chickens running through the clinic? it is safe to say that anything goes in favorite children’s book in spanish. // dinner in a hut on the beach// my favorite nurse maritza wearing all the hats, just doing some light gardening between patients // giving albuterol treatments, but missing half the necessary equipment. welcome to nica!
laying in another hammock. can you sense a theme here? // me, just being a nurse and stuff // would you rather have beans with your rice, or rice with your beans? i bet if you cut me open i would ooze gallo pinto. // my crew readying our donations at the clinic. hundreds of pregancy tests? an abundance of vaginal speculums? enough vaginal cream to cover a small island? you got it!    flights// beachy sunsets// beachy waves and mansions in the distance// surf sanctuary, ALL PRAISE AIR CONDITIONING!

more to come. sometime

beachy keen

DSC_0004  remember how last post i complained a lot? there will be no complaining this post.DSC_0023


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because i went to the BEACH! with my FRIENDS!


and i did a subpar job with the self timer. lol. IMG_5459a few months ago, when it was cold and drab and dark and all i really wanted was to feel the sun on my face, airplane tickets to florida were cheaper than, oh, an uber ride during peak hours probably, so we snagged a few and started counting down the days to last weekend. (we also vowed to get beach ready and quit buying so many tubs of ben n jerry’s…. but, well, whatever feminism tells me that being bikini ready just means putting on a bikini, right? RIGHT!) IMG_5377so we flew to orlando and rented a van.

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jeff drove. eliza took shotgun. it was like mom and dad and the four kids and i was all about it! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

 a friend told me we needed to go to st. augustine, florida. he was on point. this city is allegedly the oldest civilization in america, and was discovered by ponce de leon 450 years ago. the town is super cute and spanish, the beaches are pristine and the water is WARM! and there were no sharks. (that i knew of.)IMG_5410also, please enjoy my use of filters in this pic to make us look a little less white. is it working? hehhhh

IMG_5416we rented off airbnb and let me just say that i will probably never travel any other way again. we had a huge house at an affordable rate and there were enough beds and sheets and kitchen space and random christian movies that teach good moral values and entranced us. i mean, maybe we watched the sound of music in its entirety over two nights? yes, we are in our twenties and single. i know. i know. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
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the people were really nice. for instance, one lady literally jumped out of her car to take this photo. people were following us around at the grocery store with shopping carts. the people at church told us we definitely needed to move into their ward. (lol)Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

IMG_5446 one day we went to anastasia island and enjoyed the sunny beachIMG_5444 capri suns, FTW! sadly, afterwards i read an article about how unenvironmentally friendly the packaging is. womp womp. sorry, mother earth. sorry, seagulls! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetthis trip i kinda slacked/ was apathetic towards taking pictures with my food becuase… idk. just keeping you on your toes, people! but we ate great food at the floridian where they put honey in my salad and it was so good i wanted to cry, and gas full service restaurant, where i had portabella mushrooms with parmesan garlic mashed potatoes that could bring grown men to their knees. then we food crawled over to cousteau’s waffle and milkshake bar one night for waffles topped with toasted coconut ice cream and espresso reduction and a million other foodgasmic ingredients. also, the restaurant loved bill murray a la life aquatic, and i was so INTO IT! Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

and then, like a beacon in the night, one night at the end of our food tour we happened upon the hippo, and without thinking i just walked in and ordered an avocado coconut popsicle, and it was the best thing i’ve eaten in months. truly, madly, deeply in love with that one.

and amy got the piña colada, which she deemed wonderful. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

the trees in florida are so swampy feeling. i imagined zombies traipsing out of the forest a la walking dead the whole drive. also, the misty effect is all thanks to getting water in my phone. how artsy. how… technologically uncool. 
IMG_5478and then on our way back to the airport we made a pitstop at the orlando temple, just to say we went. we were all sunburned and miserable and having a hard time walking, but we did it. in and out. that temple is a beaut, ps. IMG_5479 but the best part?? the fact that the fountains kinda misted us. ahhh misters.

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temple selfie! put us in the ensign, church!

and then we hopped on another plane headed northward. PRO TIP don’t fly out of orlando unless you want to be packed on a plane with a lot of children detoxing from disneyworld. oh, the screaming.

see how i didn’t complain there? ;)

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suck it, winter.


hey summer it is nice to meet you.